A Mobile App for Dogs and Cats Scared of Fireworks is Here!


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that fireworks and other loud noises are responsible for about 20% of missing pets.

To help reduce the numbers of missing dogs and cats, ASPCA has created a mobile app that will help pet owners cope with the loss of a missing pet as a result of noise. The app is available for all smartphones running on Android and iOS.

In its early hours of release, the app had already been downloaded by about 11,000 Android and 10,400 iOS users.

The app shows the pet owners how to search for a lost animal through ways that are tailor made to suit the animal’s personality and where the pet went missing. It also helps the owner design a “lost pet flyer” that he or she can quickly share with social network users. Additionally the app comes with tips on how to keep your pet safe, medical information and important statistics about pets. There is even a place to store your pet’s specific information for quick reference in case of an emergency.

ASPCA says it is well acquainted with scared dogs and cats psychology and has tried to make the app as all rounded as possible. The app comes with a set of the best practices to use with pets particularly during hurricanes or thunderstorms.

The mobile app which was designed by app maker 3 Sided Cube, allows its users to send an email to the ASPCA with a feedback if they have lost a pet and have not found it even after using the app’s missing tool. The ASPCA then creates a notification notice on its website in a bid to ensure the information about the missing pet reaches to as many people as possible.

In future, the ASPCA says it will work towards creating a more turnkey form for pet owners to fill out, instead of an email address, to make it easier to share the feedback according to Olivia Melikhov, senior manager for social media at the Society.

The app is designed to allow push notifications for all users. The ASPCA wants to enhance the app’s ability so that it can send geo-targeted notifications in case of a natural disaster in a particular area. The notification will give specific information on the nearest pet-friendly evacuation centers and other important information that may help keep your pets safe.