Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Apps Expected In The Fall


After its massive App Store success with Miitomo, Nintendo is preparing to launch Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem apps this fall.

According to the details of a press release from the company, the Fire Emblem mobile game will be more “accessible” in comparison the series available in conventional home consoles and handhelds. It is not clear whether the permadeath feature that has been a significant element of the Fire Emblem will be offered in the mobile version.

However, Nintendo says it will provide the game’s enthusiasts the same value they are used to with other games in the series.

But, if the announcement is anything to go by, it appears that the company is gearing up for a full-fledged Fire Emblem launch for smartphones. This could translate into remarkable success for the series, especially when you consider that more people will access the game than was possible with the 3DS series. With statistics showing that 2 in every 3 Americans use a smartphone, it is easy to see why Nintendo is taking the mobile devices route.

As far as Animal Crossing is concerned, Nintendo has hinted one detail that could prove to be a game changer. Rumor has it that, the mobile version of Animal Crossing will feature some form of connectivity with other games in the series available on dedicated gaming systems. In essence, this indicates that you will be able to connect Animal Crossing – New Leaf on 3DS with the mobile version of Animal Crossing.

There is also a probability that the game will be compatible with a host of Animal Crossing spin-offs that were released over the last couple of years.

Additionally, the ability to connect with various games in the series could be an indication that Nintendo could be preparing an Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo NX or Wii U.

Ultimately, if the company intends that Animal Crossing will connect to other games in a meaningful manner, it will most likely have to build a new game in the series for a dedicated gaming system from scratch.

Unlike Miitomo, which is more than a game app, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem mobile games will center entirely on gameplay. All Nintendo mobile games are free to play, and it remains to be seen how the company will monetize Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

The two games will be available on all smartphones running on Android and iOS platforms when they launch this fall.