Apple To Introduce New Mobile Operating System With Ad Blockers


Apple has finally hinted that they will be launching a new mobile operating system that will feature an ad blocking feature. This comes as a new achievement for the company. With the ad blocker, the user of this operating system will be spared the trouble constantly removing ads. The need to develop this operating system came after it was realized that the ad popping trends were increasing at an alarming rate.

Apart from keeping the users from constant ads on their phones, iOS9 will also be of great use on the business front especially for Apple users. Officials from this company confirmed that the app would aid in beating competition against companies such as Facebook, Google and Snapchat among other rivals in the industry.

This new operating system also comes with a News feature known as Apple News. The application is designed to provide you with news from different sources including Vox, CNN, Time Inc. and other major publishers across the globe. Los Angeles News was also among the companies that were considered as ideal for the application, but rumors have it that the company declined to discuss the matter. With Apple News, users will be privileged to remain informed on major developments across the globe.

Apple officials confirmed that the online news industry has been on a rapid growth, and this is one of the factors that prompted the development of this application. Android devices including smartphones, tablets and computers have already embraced the trend and that is why Apple wishes not to be left behind in the growth of digital advertisement. This app will be hosted on the Apple servers hence making it easier for stories to load, and it also ensures that Apple will remain to be the advertising content gatekeeper.

With this app, Apple is giving advertisers reasons to work directly with the Cupertino, Calif companies through its news app. The Apple’s ad blocker will also enable faster web surfing and a cleaner website. The Apple ads will enable the publishers to keep 70% of the revenue while the Apple gets 30%. According to the report given by the analysts, Apple is expecting or rather hoping that a lineup of publishers who are leading in the industry will be enough to make the app compelling. Apple’s new mobile app will make it easier to advertise instead of sending users to the mobile app or the publisher’s website.