AT&T Releases Data Perks App


A mobile app christened Data Perks has been launched by AT&T to allow customers discover offers from brands and receive mobile data as a perk. The new app is being rolled out in conjunction with Aquto, a sponsored data monetization firm.

Through the app, the company’s contract subscribers can complete surveys, sign up for trials or buy products from any of the participating brands and get rewarded with data in return. Data perks is designed to run on Android and iOS platforms.

During the initial stages, Data Perks will include offers from established brands such as Fandango, Rosetta Stone and Hotel Tonight. The app allows its users to accumulate data and transfer up to 1000 MB, every billing period to their AT&T account.

According to Susie Kim Riley, the Chief Executive Officer of Aquto, connectivity has now become part of everyday life and plays an important role in fueling all sectors of the economy. Riley adds that their primary mission is to deliver mobile reward to the world by merging with like-minded brands, operators and other app developers.

For people in the marketing industry, Data Perks comes with an innovative and meaningful currency, mobile data that they can use to reward their customers.

The amount of data earned is stored in the customer’s Data Perks account and can be transferred to their wireless account.

Despite its ingenuity, Data Perks comes with a couple of caveats. Customers with a family package can only use the accumulated data on individual Smartphone line that is registered and uses the app. Once the data is transferred to the user’s package, it will expire at the end of the billing month.

The data accumulated in the service has an expiry timeline of 12 months, and AT&T has the right to cancel or change the service at any time.

Additionally, the Android customers must be running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later while iPhome customers must be using iOS 7.O for the application to be compatible with their phones. AT&T terms and conditions stipulate that the state subject does not control third party businesses taking part in the service. Customers are subject to their specific terms and conditions.

Why would AT&T offer its customers free data for participating in surveys and buying items through their network? This is because AT&T is able to sell to advertisers the profiling information gleaned from customer’s anonymous surveys.