Blackbox App Review and Answers


Blackbox Mobile App Game Review and Answers

Its name couldn’t have been more appropriate. Blackbox is a puzzler that seeks to make you think outside the box – quite literally. Developed by Ryan McLeod, it involves solving a series of puzzles using your iPhone without touching the screen.

The game features small colored boxes, and your job is to light them up by doing certain things with your phone. Sounds easy? Make no mistake about it; Blackbox is not your typical iOS puzzler. It is innovative, stimulating and entertaining.

Here, we want to help you get started with your quest to conquer Blackbox on the right footing. Below, we list down tips and walkthroughs for the first 50 levels.

Lighting Up the First Red Six Boxes

Level 1 to 4 – For starters, the four boxes are at the edges. Turn your phone a couple of times to trigger two lines. To light up the boxes, keep rotating your phone until you line them up with these lines.

Level 5 – This box is in the middle the screen. To light it up, place your phone on a flat surface so that the box aligns with the two circles.

Level 6 – Use the same procedure as above but this time with the phone’s screen facing down.

Lighting Up the Two Yellow Boxes

Level 7 – Go to your phone’s settings and reduce the screen’s brightness
Level 8 – Go to your device’s settings and increase the screen’s brightness.

Lighting Up the Four Orange Boxes

Level 9 – Set your phone to the mute mode to light up the top left box.
Level 10 – Go to your phone’s setting and increase the volume to the maximum to light up the top right box.
Level 11 – Go to your device’s setting and reduce the volume to the minimum to light up the bottom right box.
Level 12 – Connect the headphones via the headphone jack to light up the bottom left box.

Lighting up the Teal Blue Box

Level 13 – Start by activating the Airplane mode and then the WiFi to light it up.

Lighting up the Purple Box

Level 14 – Press sleep/wake and home buttons to take a screenshot.

Lighting up the Two Green Boxes

Level 15 to 16 – You will have to open one box every hour and keep doing so until you cover all the 12 sections (each green box is equal to 12 hours). Note that all you have to do is light up the first box and repeat the sequence for the other green boxes. Plus, you don’t have to follow any particular order when deciding which green box to open.

Lighting up the Three Light Green Boxes

Level 17 – Make sure that your phone’s battery is at full charge to light up the top box
Level 18 – Connect your device to a charging port and the middle box will light up.
Level 19 – Drain your phone’s battery charge up to 20% to light up the bottom box.

Lighting Up the Three Light Blue Boxes

Level 20 – Get into a tranquil environment with zero noise and the top box will light up. You have to get creative here. For instance, you may try lighting up this box late at night when there’s no noise interference.
Level 21 to 22 – To light up the middle and bottom boxes, you have to act in a way that is entirely different to the one described above. Move into a noisy environment (you may make some yourself) and the two boxes will light up.

Lighting up the Orange Box

Level 23 – Cover the camera using your finger for about 20 seconds. This will turn off the screen, and once you move the finger, the box will light up.

Lighting up the Two Pink Boxes

Level 24 to 25 – You will have to wait for the new and the half moon to appear, to light up these boxes. To speed things up, you may consider changing the date on your phone. Word of caution though; do not tamper with the time on the main screen; otherwise this tip won’t work.

Lighting up the Purple Box

Level 26 – You will have to “give instructions” to your phone to light up this box. Just say the phrase “Blackbox” with the device’s microphone close to your mouth. If it doesn’t work, you may give it a couple of minutes before trying again.

Lighting up the Enclosed Blue Box

Level 27 – Start by undoing the text. You will achieve this by shaking your phone and select “undo” when you get the prompt.

Lighting up the Three Pink Boxes

Level 28 to 30 – These levels depend on the sun. Each box represents the three times of day – sunrise, midday, and sunset. In essence, this means that the first box will light up at dawn, the second at noon and the third in the evening. Again, you may adjust the time on your device but don’t alter the one the main screen.

Lighting up the Four Blue Boxes

Level 31 – Cover a distance of 0.63 miles (you may walk or drive) to light up the bottom box.
Level 32 – Cover a distance of 0.63 miles to light up the second box.
Level 33 – Cover a distance of 0.63 miles to light up the third box.
Level 34 – Cover a distance of 0.63 miles to light up the fourth box.

Lighting up the Red Box

Level 35 – Make sure that your phone is on a flat surface. Wait for the red dot to move to the middle of the screen. Do not touch your device until the dot fills the entire screen to light up the box.

Lighting up the Two Light Orange Boxes

Level 36 – Using a torch, illuminate your phone’s back camera to light up the box.
Level 37 – Using a flashlight, illuminate your phone’s front camera to light up the box.

Lighting up the Pink Box – Key in the wrong Touch ID until your phone tell you to try again to light up the box.

Lighting up the Enclose Light Green Box

Level 39 – Go to the bottom section of your phone’s Blackbox setting and switch on the little blackbox. Move back to the game’s main menu and find a new box. Go to the settings again and turn off the little black box. Go to the main menu once more to light up the box.

Lighting up the Enclose Blue Box

Level 40 – Start by turning off the box. To light it up again, forward the time on your device by one minute.

Lighting up the Enclosed Light Orange Box

Level 41 – Start the app from the bottom left of your screen then go the game’s main menu to light up the box.

Lighting up the Enclosed Magenta Box

Level 42 – For starters, you will not unlock this level unless you’ve played Blackbox for three days in a row. Once you’ve unlocked it, switch off the phone by sliding the power button. The box will light up once you turn on your device.

Lighting up the Red Box

Level 43 – Make sure that your device is on a flat surface and rotate it to make a full circle.

Lighting up the Light Blue Box

Level 44 – Once you’ve unlocked this level, press sleep/wake, and home buttons to take a screenshot of the QR code and the box will light up.

Lighting up the Orange Box

Level 45 – Once you have unlocked this level, just key in “BLACKBOX://” and a Lightbulb emoji on the Safari address bar. Open it in Blackbox.

Lighting up the Enclosed Pink Box

Level 46 – Scan the three colored QR codes using your phone’s back camera. Enlist the help your friend and use their phone to scan the other two QR codes.

Blackbox Magenta Answer

Level 47 – Press your finger against the screen until it turns magenta.


  • Level 1 – Select the two different boxes on the game’s main screen and tap the hint boxes. Tap the hint on the left green box to light it up.
  • Level 2 – Start by tapping the green box and then move on to the hint box and tap it three times.

Light Purple

  • Level 1 – After unlocking this level, scroll all the way down and take a screenshot. That should light up the box.