Buzzfeed Releases Buzzfeed Video


Do you find it hectic watching BuzzFeed’s videos? That’s about to change now, thanks to the company’s latest mobile app, BuzzFeed Video. The app features a well laid attractive format that is easy to understand and maneuver.

The app is designed to ensure that you always have something to watch. What’s different with the new app? Unlike the earlier version, all you have to do is open the BuzzFeed Video, and a clip fills your screen ready to play. The site’s most watched videos will start to play in a couple of seconds after you hover over them and will stop when you begin to scroll for more videos.

The app is divided into two sections. There is the trending feed section as well as the section that has BuzzFeed’s original series. The trending feed section allows you to watch the most recent videos without searching. In other words, the trending videos are already sorted out for you and will appear on the screen when open the app. The trending section is set to become popular with BuzzFeed Video users. BuzzFeed is using the segment to keep users glued to the app and use it more often.

The series section of the app, on the other hand, contains an archive of videos, and the user can watch them episode by episode. This segment could be great if you’re following events on BuzzFeed or want to watch some of your most memorable videos on the site.

The development of BuzzFeed Video was in response to customers’ suggestions and remarks that they would like an easier, more straightforward way of accessing the websites videos. The app is also part of BuzzFeed’s initiative to develop more apps that will increase the level of interaction with the site’s visitors. Already, BuzzFeed has sought the services of 30 developers to push its agenda of creating mobile apps that are in line with the company’s objective.

While the new app may prove to be popular with users in the coming days, pundits question the effectiveness of mobile apps for online based media outfits, especially if the distribution is almost dependent on social apps. BuzzFeed Video may allow you to watch the website’s trending and archived videos fast, but there is still a challenge as to the number of people who are willing to install a mobile app so that they can find a trending video to watch.

BuzzFeed Video is available on all mobile devices running on Android and iOS.