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The wait is over! team TES9 have finally released their Castle Clash Hack on which they have been working for a long time, they have put the ultimate Castle Clash Cheats into this tool and it turned out great, using this hack your Castle Clash account will know no limits.

For those of you who that haven’t heard about Castle Clash I’ll first let you know it was named the #1 Strategy Game on Android this year, that along many other awards, so there is no wonder the game has such a large player base, but that doesn’t come from it’s awards, it comes from the actual gameplay which is lots of fun and enjoyement, IGG did a great job with Castle Clash, the game creates a perfect mix between empire building, tower defense and clever designed tactical battles against your opponents, all of that along hero battles in the arena. The main aim of the game is simple, you focus on building your empire, researching new technologies, upgrading your buildings and trying to create your own legendary army using the variety of troops that are at your disposal, but in order to do all of these things the players need gold, mana and the precious gems. Gold and mana are the main resources of this game, you use them for almost everything and they are acquired easily, but the best part of the game are the heroes, and for those one must spend gems, honor or hero shards. Gems are the premium currency in Castle Clash, that means they can replace any other currency but it also means they are the hardest to obtain, but even so they can be acquired in several different ways, of which the most used are:

      • •Buying them for real money
      • •Earning them through different events
      • •Completing achievements which award you with gems

If you are a veteran gamer you probably know that even if there are several ways to acquire it, in the you’ll have to buy a games premium currency in order to keep up with those who do the same, but not everyone affords to do that and that is where we come in and bring you the new Castle Clash Hack by team TES9. By the way, I’ll write down here the link for Castle Clash if you are interested in this game, you can also app store download it.

If you are here then you probablyl know the struggle of acquiring free gems for Castle Clash and you have probably searched for Castle Clash Cheats but you ended up with nothing, all of that can now change using TES9’s Castle Clash Hack. Unlike other hack tools which are probably fake this Castle Clash Game Hack has been well developed, the teams main target being offering you a free resources source without exposing your account to any risks, you will be able to get Castle Clash unlimited gems or mana and gold, all by using this tool which has a user friendly interface, is secured and is easy to use. The team took all the measures to make sure that none of the hack users will get banned by masking and securing all the connections made between the phone and the tool and by implementing an Annonymous IP usage system, so you won’t have to worry about you account getting banned after using this as you are taking no risks.

Castle Clash Hack

Castle Clash Hack Preview


Castle Clash Hack

Castle Clash Hacked

That would be all you need to know about TE9’s Castle Clash Hack, these guys did a great job with this tool and no one could have asked for more as it has everything a Castle Clash player needs. In order to download the hack and add free gems to your accounts too just follow the instructions listed bellow, it doesn’t get easier than that.


  • •Download the Castle Clash Hack Tool using the button bellow;
  • •Run the hack;
  • •Connect your device to the PC  and press the “Link a device” button;
  • •Enter your username and login;
  • •Insert the amount of resources you want to add to your account and select your security measures;
  • •Press the generate button and refresh your game;
  • •Enjoy the free resources you got without spending a dollar!



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