Civilization 6 Cheats and Codes


Sid Meir’s Civilization 6, or simply Civ 6, is currently the hottest game in the PC gaming space. While some players are simply born to rule countries, others could use renforcment. For them, we offer you the best Civ 6 cheats and codes available.

Now, before we get to it, it’s important to realize that these Civ 6 cheats are only possible through some slick file tampering. Therefore, it is imparritive that you create copies of all of the games original files. Better safe, than sorry right?

civ 6 cheats

Civ 6 Reveal All Map Cheat:

1) First we’ll need to activate the Debug Console which can be done in-game.
– Find the game’s install folder in your Steam Apps Folder.You can also simply try “Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization 6/config.ini.”

2) Open the file with “Config.ini”. Use Text Edit or Notepad.
3) Change the line “DebugPanel = o” to “DebugPanel = 1”
4) Save and then close the “Config.ini” file.

With this action, the debug console can now be activated within the actual game. To open it, hit the tilde button [`] and choose reveal all to see the map.

Easy Deity Win:

Looking for some easy achievements? You can win Civ 6 on the Deity difficulty mode and unlock some great achievements. Here’s how it’s done!

1) Pick your civilization
2) When you create a custom game, make sure that “score victory” is the only option selected.
3) Turn the limit to just 1.
4) When the game loads, choose Found City.
5) As soon as the option opens up, end your turn.
6) The match will be won and can help you unlock tons of achievements.

Infinite Money, Faith and God Mode:

Finally if you’re really looking to get your hands dirty and rule Civ 6, a player/hacker by the name of MrAntiFun has unleashed a ton of files to give you all the Civ 6 goods you want.

These Civ 6 cheats can grant a player:
-God Mode
-Fast research
-Fast culture
-Fast recruiting.
-Fast construction
-Fast project
-Population Minimum 10.

Basically, you can modify the game to resources you desire. If you’re ready for the ultimate Civ 6 cheats and codes, head over to the following link for the download.