Demi Lovato’s New App


Everywhere you look, mobile games are being consumed on our smartphones or tablets. Whether you are into cooking, strategy games, role play, there’s an app for that.

It’s no surprise that games make up a large segment of mobile apps. Marketing firms pivot themselves towards optimizing their products towards maximizing the gamification of the mobile app industry.

According to a marketing firm, Newzoo, the gaming industry has a total value of $ 25 billion for the year due to the mobile gaming market and estimated to grow to $ 40 billion in 2017.

Due to the ease and accessibility of gaming apps, even celebrities are getting in on the action. Last year, Kim Kardashian’s release of her mobile app game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” was a surprise hit of the year. It allowed her to provide yet another access point for obsessed fans to get an inside view of this trendsetter. According to Kardashian “It helps with great opportunities for brands, hair care lines or makeup lines, that want some involvement, because that’s something the player really enjoys learning about.”

Due to the breakout success of Kim Kardashian’s gaming partnership with generated by the $ 274 million of sales revenue generated from the app, edgy singer Demi Lovato has plans to release a gaming app this summer.

This app will resemble a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ theme that is aimed at her younger audience. The premise of the game is that it will give users the experience of becoming famous. Gamers will join Lovato on a tour and backstage and geared to her predominantly female user base. Users can look forward to interaction with Lovato through a uniquely crafted experience through the singer’s avatar. Even her famous dog Buddy will be gamified as an icon.

The 22-year-old singer is partnering up with mobile games developer Pocket Gems. The name of the app has not yet been revealed, but it will be available on both Android and Apple stores for consumers to download to their smartphones or mobile devices. Following in Kardashian’s footsteps, Lovato expressed “I want to build an empire…and don’t want to just be a musician. I want to be a business entrepreneur.” If done right, this latest strategy to build Lovato’s brand could very well catapult her way up to the top considering the just released news that she is collaborating with Nick Jonas on her new record label launch.

This latest step is the beginning of new ventures for Ms. Lovato. Pocket Gems, the mobile games developer has expressed that Ms. Lovato is very involved in the development of the game.