Destiny the Game: What’s in Store for Gaming Fans


After they packed it in with one of the most critically acclaimed FPS games called the Halo series, Bungie is bringing another exciting FPS game that will give a different gaming experience to a lot of gamers. Together with their partner distributor and publisher Activision, Bungie’s new game Destiny will be released on September 9, 2014.

For gamers and critics who have witnessed and tested the game’s demos and beta versions, this new Bungie project Destiny mirrors the gameplay and the interface of Halo. And seeing how Halo fans are already anticipating this game, Destiny has all the possibilities to rake in millions of dollars and become one of the best online FPS games right now.

destiny the game

Destiny the Game

The story of Destiny takes place in a post-utopian era in the future where mankind is nearly extinct. As a gamer, you play one of the Guardians of the last city on Earth who defends mankind from different non-human villains. The Guardians defend The City and fight to reclaim the lost world.
Destiny allows players to access the game either alone or with cooperative multiplayers. The developers of the game promise that each experience of the game is open-ended and gives way to unpredictable challenges. There is a third person social hub in the game called the Tower where player members of the “Guardians” can regroup, get new ammos and form their associations.
Destiny will arrive on September 9 for PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game runs at 1920-by-1080 resolution for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For both the retail and digital versions, the game sells at $ 60. Microsoft Store is giving early customers an additional $ 10 Xbox gift card for a preorder of the standard retail edition of the game that starts on September 5.
To inform gamers about the mysterious plot and the gameplay, Bungie’s releasing a free app for Android and iOS. The companion app allows players to access game forums, analyze stats, and see scores.

destiny the game

Special Editions

Special Editions have a “Destiny Expansion Pass” that features new story missions, competitive multiplayer battle arenas, and a slew of new armors and gears that players can obtain. The Destiny Extension Pass alone retails for $ 35.
• For $ 450, Sony is offering a white PS4 packed with the game and different PlayStation-exclusive in-game bonuses.
• For the retail version, Microsoft is offering a Destiny “Ghost Edition” with the usual gems and other minor inclusions for $ 150.
• For $ 100, you can get a Limited Edition package for PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 that consists of a guide, in-game items, a star chart and an improved packaging.
• For the “Guardian Edition” of the PS4, PS3, and Xbox One, the package includes several in-game starter contents.
The PlayStation versions of the game have an exclusive content that includes a multiplayer map, class-specific gears, two weapons, three ships, and a cooperative mission. The game is not cross-platform playable to each gaming device. Gamers of PS3 can’t play with the gamers of PS4, and same goes for the Xbox players. Each platform has a world of its own.

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Disk Space

Destiny is an online FPS game, which means it requires Internet connection in order to be played. The digital versions for both PS4 and Xbox have a preload size of 18.6 GB and 18 GB. The game’s footprint will take up a larger disk space once it is unpacked.
Release Date
The digital version of the game is available for preload now. If you preload the game on PlayStation and Xbox now, you can enjoy Destiny as soon as the servers go live on the release date. Bungie announced that the game will go live on Sept. 9 and this causes a bit of conflict time zone-wise.
Most gamers assume that the game will be available for US players at 8:00 in the morning. Sony and Microsoft stated that the digital versions of Destiny will be playable by 3:01 am ET on September 9. But as Bungie posted on twitter, the time that you’ll be able to play the game really depends between you and your retailer.

Rumors of a PC Version

According to Bungie co-founder Jason Jones back in 2013, the game’s PC version may not happen. Speaking to Eurogamer earlier this year, design lead Larks Bakken mentioned that the PC version of the game can happen in the future, but it is impossible right now because it’s “pretty complicated.”

destiny the game

Destiny Planet View

Bungie recently announced the Destiny Planet View that allows users to have a glimpse of the game’s colonized planets through the same technology that Google Maps and Google Earth use. The Destiny Planet View gives gamers a peek of the Destiny world’s versions of the Moon, Mars and Venus.
According to Bungie, while the experience merely reveals a small piece of the game’s massive worlds, users can step through each area to discover gameplay tips, useful lore, as well as a few hidden in-game and real-world incentives as they go.
It is fair to say that Activision and Bungie are hoping that Destiny will turn out like the juggernaut that Halo was to the wargaming world. Bungie has tried to keep the elements of the game on the mysterious side so gamers can relish a different FPS experience once the game is launched. As a tease to anticipating gamers, Bungie confirmed that Destiny will include six-player raids that will leave a sense of discovery to the players.
The beta test version that Bungie released sparked interest among many gaming fans and at the same time, raised questions regarding the endgame of Destiny. “The activity is going to take you and your group of five buddies into a place that you’ve never been; a place that you will return to frequently. And it will demand of you things you’ve never even really been asked to do in a shooter game before”, revealed Bungie’s Luke Smith.
This revelation from Smith promises that Destiny the game will deliver not only on the outset but also in the endgame, and fans will definitely be treated to a whole new understanding of FPS gaming.

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