Flappy Wings Hack

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Flappy Wings Hack

Did you ever want to have a higher highscore in Flappy Wings for iOS and Android than your friends? Now you can, with the click of one button. Just download the hack tool from the link at the bottom of this post, and you will be able to jump to any score you want, activate the God Mode or the Fun Mode. After you have downloaded the Flappy Wings Hack, unzip the file and run the Application. At first you want to connect your device to your PC, either with USB or Bluetooth. After that select your device, iOS or Android and hit “Connect”. Now the Device Status and the Game Status should change.

Now you can move on to the options. Choose the score you want to have, and if you want to activate the God Mode or Fun Mode. Finally you can click on the big “Apply Hack” Button. Within a few seconds you should see the results in the game.

Our Flappy Wings Hack is better than any other tools out there, because you don’t have to jailbreak or root your phone before you can start hacking. It was made to give you a more enjoyable experience in the game.

You might ask yourself what is the God Mode and the Fun Mode? While in the God Mode, the game will not end even if your bird falls to the ground or if it hits the pillars. This is great if you play infront of your friends, they will think that you are the best in the game!

The Fun Mode is something you definitely have to try. In this mode, the bird changes to Chuck Norris and bursts through the pillars with explosions. This bases on a custom script made by one of our developers. You really have to try this out!

Flappy Wings Hack Features:

  • you can connect to your Phone / Device via USB or Bluetooth
  • no Jailbreak or Root required to make the hack work
  • you can jump to any Highscore you want
  • Godmode Hack / Funmode Hack
  • more Options/Functions will be added soon!

As you can see our Flappy Wings Hack is yet another great tool from our developers. It will make you have more fun in the game. The software will be constantly updated so you can use it on future versions of the Game. Click on the Download Button below to download the tool!

Quick Guide:

  1. Download the Flappy Wings Hack.rar and unzip it
  2. Run the Tool and connect your Device to your PC via USB / Bluetooth
  3. Select iOS or Android and click on “Connect”
  4. Choose Options, Click on Apply Hack

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Flappy Wings Hack

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Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD