Ice Age Adventures Hack – unlimited acorns, berries, shells (Android, iOS)


In Ice Age Adventures, the followup to 2012’s Ice-Age Hamlet, players may experience almost every prominent iOS game mechanic of the past few years. There is Match 3 perplexing, unlimited running featuring someone’s favorite animal Scrat, mild role-playing, and it is all surrounded by a freemium town-building casing. But it delivers these thoughts together capably enough to be-at least slightly better in relation to the total of its parts. As Earth continues to thaw, the frozen dwellings of everyone ‘Ice Age’ figures break and drift away. So it is until Sid the sloth to save his friends and reconstruct the village. With large quantities of voice perform from familiar faces like Manny and Diego, swell cartoon, and its vibrant colors, the game does capture much of the attractiveness of the movies that are animated. The figures also do an excellent job at describing the numerous techniques while nevertheless being entertaining to some younger audience, even if that leaves the redundancy was irritated by by older buffs. The game is split into two phases. The more conventional hamlet-building stage has gamers controlling their currencies that are various, using on assignments, and constructing homes. But the exploration period is where the action is. Gamers discover over twelve different isles, from icescapes to old- filled woodlands, and search for lost friends as well as households in the property. They’ll perform minigames, find prize, fight pirates, and solve some simple environmental questions like constructing bridges. These sections practically produce the illusion of a journey game that is real. Obviously, progress remains hamstrung by components. It takes to make any meaningful progress as the player’s celebration increases, so too does the variety of berries. But the game never feels completely exploitative, actually when gamers are given a ridiculously low amount of moves by the questions. Ice-Age Ventures feels a lot like the business it’s centered on. It is not up there with the DreamWorks that is better or Pixar pictures with regard to quality, but it is still pleasant enough children’s amusement. It’s perhaps not completely skeptical.

Ice Age Adventures Hack

Features of Ice Age Adventures Hack:

  • Ability to add unlimited number of acorns, berries, shells;
  • Full compatibility with all devices running on Android or iOS;
  • No viruses. If you wish you may scan the file before running it;
  • Auto update on startup;
  • OS : Windows, Mac, and Linux;
  • Anti-Ban protection (software hides the IP address during connection);



  1. Download Ice Age Adventures Hack (links below);
  2. Run the software;
  3. Connect your device via USB cable or Bluetooth;
  4. Click the “Connect” button and wait for the software to hide the IP address and let it connect with the device;
  5. Enter the values you wish to add to the game and click “Start”.
  6. When the confirmation window pops up you can turn off the app;




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