Improve Your Vocabulary & Memory with Word Trek


Do you consider yourself an uncrowded spelling bee champion? If so, prove it by playing the latest mobile trivia game, Word Trek. Word Trek comes from PlaySimple Games and can be downloaded for free on all iOS and Android systems. Think you have what it takes to become the master of vocab? Download Word Trek today.

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If you’ve played Word Whizzle, you’ve already played Word Trek as they are essentially the same game. As a matter of fact they even have similar animal pack names complete with the images. The goal he is simple: find the words in the crossword jumbled up puzzle.

However, unlike Word Whizzle, there are no given hints. Instead, you’ll have to use your own noggin to find the common theme and use that to help you find the many words in the puzzle. The levels aren’t timed so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out the word.

To guess a word, you’ll need to tap a left and drag you finger across the screen to correctly spell out the word. As a hie feature, Word Trek tells you what percentage of players guess the answer correctly. This serves as a nice gauge on where you stand in the game.

In order to unlock the next pack, you’ll first have to rack up enough points to unlock it. To earn “W” points, you’ll simply need to guess a ton of level correctly. Keep in mind that as you go up in level packs, the puzzles become harder and larger with the final pack reacher 6 by 6 spaces.

If you get stuck, you’ll have the option to ask your friends or use a hint. Hints come in the form of letter drops. Here, a letter will be added to your letter bank, thus helping you guess the word correctly.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easily playable yet challenging trivia game, Work Trek is for you. With over 20 packs, Word Trek is bound to keep you busy no matter where you are.