Micromon Hack – unlimited diamonds, coins (Android, iOS)


Nintendo of years refrained from placing their games on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Therefore, sooner or later have to come to this – the developer Pocket Trend created a clone Pokémon games called MICROMON. The game has been obviously successful because of its resemblance to the popular series. In Micromon we train fantastic creatures and grab them with chips. Like everything good, but it is with this game a few problems. Firstly, the primary is penalized for sin of mobile game – has microtransactions. Do you ever dreamed about going to pay real money for Poké Balle and potions? Now it is possible (only slightly changed name). Of course you would have to really make an effort to get closer to the cost of microtransactions to the price of any Pokémon game, but still it is terribly annoying. Secondly – design creatures. They look like rejects that did not pass quality tests at Game Freak. Someone who designed it, got probably the guidelines “draw animals and mythical creatures, but a little strange and colorful”. The existence of each Pokémon is reasonable, are based on the culture and legends. Micromon turn us to look like uninspired creatures of random games in Flash. In Micromon we meet 130 creatures of various types (water, fire, stone, wind …) and face the other players. Unlike Pokemon, here we can really lose. If someone breaks our team, we do not return to the nearest “center MICROMON” but continue the game from the last save. On the plus side, you can consider the possibility of not starting fights with players who notice us. Hi today I present for you the Micromon Hack. This application add to your account an Unlimited amount of Diamonds and Max Evolve lvl..This hack works on android and iOS mobile devices. This hack have anti-Ban system. Download and use my tool and be the best player in the internet! 

Micromon Hack

Features of Micromon Hack:

  • Ability to add unlimited number of diamonds, coins;
  • Full compatibility with all devices running on Android or iOS;
  • No viruses. If you wish you may scan the file before running it;
  • Auto update on startup;
  • OS : Windows, Mac, and Linux;
  • Anti-Ban protection (software hides the IP address during connection);



  1. Download Micromon Hackk (links below);
  2. Run the software;
  3. Connect your device via USB cable or Bluetooth;
  4. Click the “Connect” button and wait for the software to hide the IP address and let it connect with the device;
  5. Enter the values you wish to add to the game and click “Start”.
  6. When the confirmation window pops up you can turn off the app;



Mirror 1

Mirror 2


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