Mobile App Launched For Rating Your Fellow Humans


Reviewing products, hotels, schools and restaurants online is quite common. Now, a new app that allows you to rate your fellow human being is here. According to the developers of the app, you can share with other people how you feel about someone in a review.

Christened “Peeple,” the app has been nicknamed by users as “Yelp for Humans.” Through the app, you can rate your workmates, landlords, neighbor, as well as people you have dated. The rumors of the app started in November last year, and most people thought that the idea was not noble, as it could ruin lives and break relationships.

However, during the launch of Peeple, its developers said that you will have to approve everything that is posted about you. “It’s really hard to separate your business side and your personal side and your dating side because everything is just intertwined now,” said Bill Burgess, the apps developer.

Addressing the concerns that the app would ruin lives, Burgess says that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow mistreatment and most of the time, the person being bullied can do nothing about it.

He notes that unlike social media, you can determine what a person says about you before they post it for public scrutiny with Peeple. In fact, you can hide what a person says about you if you don’t want the public to see it.

Nonetheless, Burgess is quick to add that he plans to introduce a paid feature in the app that allows you to access all the reviews, including the hidden ones.

Before making a post, a user gets the prompt to read the terms and services. In doing so, he or she owns the post but doesn’t have control over what happens to the post afterwards.

On their website, the developers of Peeple have stipulated that their mobile app is meant to promote a positive experience, and no malice is intended. Despite that, the developers note that bad reviews can affect the target person in a bad way. However, Burgess says that the real motive behind the app is to stop online bullying that is quite prevalent nowadays.

Unlike product reviews where you leave a one to five-star rating, Peeple allows you to rate individuals in a different style. The apps rating system shows a tally of how many times an individual has been rated. Users can rate people in three categories; dating, professional, or personal.

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