Nielsen releases List of Top Ten Apps


Nielsen N.V., which is a top media and marketing analytics provider in New York, has just released its report yesterday on the most top used of all smartphone apps for 2015.

Facebook apps have taken three of the top ten spots alone. Notably, Facebook has managed to retain their number-one position for the second year in a row. This is a distinction that not all smartphone apps can say they have had. This social networking wonder has apps with more than 126 million users each month. According to Nielsen, Facebook has managed to grow by 8%, since last year alone. Facebook Messenger has been given the honor of being the third most used app, up from last year’s seventh place.

Instagram came in 8th position. It only managed to move up just one position from its position on the list in the year of 2014. Alphabet’s Google division earned five spots for the top ten apps spots. YouTube came in the number-two spot. Google Search was the app at number four on the list and Google Play came in at number five. Google Maps is in on the list at number six and Gmail at number seven.

Apple rounded out the list with two of its most popular of all apps. The two apps that commanded two spots for Apple were no other than Apple Music and Maps.

According to Nielsen’s data, the two apps which had the highest year over year change were Facebook Messenger at a 31% increase and Apple Music with a 26% increase.

Conspicuously absent is Microsoft. This absence can be attributed either to the relative lack of Microsoft mobile phones in the marketplace or Microsoft’s continuing emphasis on computers and software for computers and tablets rather than mobile phones. This emphasis could cause changes to Microsoft’s stocks and future as a company.