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America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack


Available Hacks in America’s Army Proving Grounds

America’s Army Proving Grounds is extremely realistic first person shooter game made by US army for testing and training of real soldiers. America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack tool is actually a collection of eight different hacks which will help you to dominate in this fantastic, but very hard and realistic game. First hack is Aimbot hack, which can work in two different ways: like regular aimbot which helps you to keep enemy in your target sights, and as combination of aimbot and triggerbot which opens fire as soon as enemy is targeted. Wall Hack is another useful hack which removes parts or whole textures from surrounding objects so you can see enemies hiding behind them. You will not be able to shoot them, unless that object is possible to be destroyed or shot through. Unlimited ammo is especially good in conjunction with Rapid fire hack which gives you double rate of fire for all your weapons, so you don’t need to worry about spending ammo. Speed Hack will give you +100% on your speed, both walking and running. Super jump will in the same way make your jumps 100% longer and higher. No recoil is especially good for your targeting because it eliminates swaying and recoil, and when a player knows how to use this hack, it can be useful almost as Aimbot. America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack God mod is more a compilation of several extremely powerful hacks which will make you feeling like a God on battlefield. Instead describing it, we will just recommend trying it, feeling is fantastic! With all these hacks America’s Army Proving Grounds Cheats tool is definitely covering whole game and making it extremely easy for you!

How to use AAPG Hack tool

America’s Army Proving Grounds Cheats

America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack tool is easy to use, with its user friendly interface and simple options. First step after your start America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack is entering your game ID. Next step is selecting hacks you want to add. You can select one or more hacks or even all if you want. There are two options in America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack which are very important for safety and efficiency of our tool. First option is “Use proxy”. We recommend selecting this option in case you have static IP address, since “Use proxy” will hide your real IP address before hacking the game. If you have dynamic IP address you don’t need to activate this option. However, if you are not sure what kind of IP address you have it is better to always activate this option. Second important option is mode of connection, which can be either “Safe mode” or “Fast mode”. We recommend using “Safe mode” if you are player from USA. For other regions across the world, “Fast mode” should be more than enough. After selecting all options you wanted, just click on “Add” button to start America’s Army Proving Grounds Hack process.

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