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Doug Dug Cheats – If you love Dig Dug, Spelunky or Minecraft then Doug Dug is definitely something you would love also. Doug is a cute dwarf who loves to dig and find treasures below the earth. Although the games look simple it is actually addictive and quite challenging given that the game is not only about digging and finding treasures, but as you dig deeper you will need to watch out for cave-ins and colossal avalanches of big falling rocks that can kill you. There are also creepy monsters that you need to fight to survive and continue digging. While Doug Dug is cheaper, you will need to buy items and upgrades like any other game these days. Fortunately, Doug Dug Cheats is here to save you from spending too much.

Compete with your friends and dig father and deeper in you quest of finding precious gold and glittering gems. Look for more treasure than any gamer in the world. But remember to look out for cave-ins bottomless pits, and of course annoying monsters that can kill you. Doug dug game while very simple is actually very addictive. It is also cheaper but if you do not want to spend a single centavo then Doug Dug Cheats can help you with that. So do not worry about your money, enjoy Doug dug like you are supposed to and become the best digger and treasure finder worldwide.



Doug Dug Cheats Download



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