League of Legends Hacks – Riot Points, Influence Points and More

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This League of Legends tool has all the League of Legends Hacks & League of Legends Cheats you will ever need, it was designed by team R4ZER and we just received it yesterday.

The hack contains multiple features such as League of Legends RP HackLeague of Legends IP Hack or League of Legends Map Hack and it has been designed in such way that it is totally undetectable. The RP hack generates “Card Codes” that you can reedem for Riot Points, this is the safest way of adding Riot Points to your accont, the other hacks work by going through the game security and injecting the hack right into it.With League of Legends  becoming the best multiplayer game of 2013 I know there are many of you who have been playing it since release and always wished you could play more than the weekly heroes or play a hero with a new skin or just unlock those last runes but you were never been able to afford to do that, that is why I thought sharing this League of Legends Hacks with you guys would make your day.

League of Legends Hacks

All of these League of Legends Hacks have been tested and they are totally virus free, you can have a virustotal.com scan on them and convince yourself, best thing is that this hack is free to download for a period of time. There is only a handful of players who have acces to this League of Legends Hack Tool as it is a private program and it will only be free until R4ZER Team decides to let it go viral for a price.

The hack is constantly being updated adding other cheats for League of Legends while keeping up with the constant League of Legends Patch and security changes, so you won’t ever have to worry about it being outdated as all of the legends cheats will continue to work.R4ZER plans on adding a League of Legends Skin Hack in the near so you will be able to get even the “premium” skins which, some of  them, cost more than 100$ .

League of Legends Hacks

League of Legends RP & IP Hack

League of Legends Hacks

League of Legends Map Hack

The hack works on all of the regions and it requires no League of Legends Mod or League of Legends Cheat Engine tricks, everything you need is included in a simple easy to use program so you won’t encounter any difficulties, but if it happens to do so you can contact us and we can get in touch with team R4ZER.I don’t think you will find any better tool for hacking League of Legends as this one has all of the League of Legends Hacks Season 4 and is the ultimate tool for this game.

So, if you think you already spent enough money on those Riot Points or you don’t even have the money to spend or the time to farm Influence points then you can try out these new exclusive League of Legends Hacks and you can start enjoying the game at it’s full potential.

Instructions on using the hack:



  1. 1.Download using the button below
  2. 2.Run the League of Legends Hack 
  3. 3.Run League of Legends
  4. 4.Select one of the hacks
  5. 5.Connect with your Summoner ID for IP Hack
  6. 6.Click the “Activate” button  then wait for the hack to do it’s job.
  7. 7.Enjoy skipping the struggle 
  8. *If the hack doesn’t work anymore use the update button to actualize it and it should be working again as it is always kept up to date.

Remember that these League of Legends Hacks are free for a limited period of time but as the word spreads they will be up for sale.



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Pou Hacks And Cheats Android & iOS

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Pou is a very popular game where you have a cute alien pet to raise. The game is very similar to the Tamagotchi aap that children have to used. You have your Pou eat, play with and enough sleep. You should regularly take a look how you going Pou and it is certainly not negligible. As you awhile you looked Pou will see him grow older and be seen. Pou is a funny game and also the mini-games are worth. Pou is free Android game. Unfortunately, Pou for your iPhone and iPad, you have to pay for it.


pou hack



This is totally new (2014 version) of Pou Hack. It is working without root on all Android devices. Our tool is now much more faster and we didn’t noticed any problems with using this Pou Hack. It can generate Unlimited Coins, Potions and Unlock All Items on shop. With this Pou Hack you can buy anything and give your Pou everything. How to use Pou Hack? You can check instructions which you can find below.


* Unlimited Potions
* Unlimited Coins
* Unlock All Items
* User-friendly interface
* 100% virus safe
* Works on all Android devices with or without ROOT
* Works on all iOS devices with or without JAILBREAK


1. Download Pou Hack tool and open it.
2. Choose connection type which you prefer (bluetooth or USB).
3. Select Android Or iOS Device.
4. Type amount of resources that you need.
5. Press “HACK” button.
6. That’s it! The process should take about one minute.
7. Restart game – requested resources should have been added.



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Boom Beach Cheats and Hacks

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Hello guys today we would like to show you our new released Boom Beach Hack tool. They game is really awesome where you can build your army build defences like sniper towers or machine guns to defend your base. You can build up factories and other useful things in game. It have same style like […]
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Titanfall Key Free Keygen – Cheats, Hacks [XBox, PS, Origin]

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With the Titanfall Beta ending soon, Team R4ZOR decided to launch yet another awesome keygen for Titanfall, this Titanfall Keygen will give you the opportunity to generate a Titanfall Key and play the best game of 2014 on XBox One, XBox 360, PS3, PS4 & PC(Origin).

Team R4ZOR is the team that launched the Thief Keygen for the new Thief game just last week which you can check out HERE, they did a great job with it and so they did with this Titanfall Keygen, you will be able to generate a Titanfall Key for each of the 5 platforms available to play Titanfall on. If you watched the trailers you already know how good this game is and that playing it is really worth it, the Titanfall Keygen is totally free, virus free & working, it has been tested and no problems have been encountered.

Keep in mind that Titanfall is currently available only for PC & XBox One, release date for XBox 360 is 25 March but for PlayStation the release date is unknown, so the only working generated keys will be for XBox One & PC(Origin), the keygen will be updated when the game is available on the other platforms.

Titanfall Key

Titanfall Keygen Preview

Here is a preview of the keygen, with the game being pretty expensive right now if you can’t afford it then this is your best shot at playing it and you won’t probably find another working keygen, but you won’t even have to as this keygen is constantly updated. The keys generated activate Titanfall Origin with the Deluxe Bundle content, they do the same for Titanfall XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 & PS4, all the activation codes are for the Titanfall Deluxe Bundle version.

Titanfall Beta Keys

Titanfall Gameplay

I don’t think there is anything else you should know about this Titanfall Keygen, maybe just that it is as awesome as the new Titanfall game is. Use the Titanfall Keygen Download button bellow in order to acquire the keygen an then follow the simple instructions listed here in order to activate it and get your own Titanfall Key, it doesn’t get simpler than that, you will be able to play the game in no time.

Also, if you are a  League of Legends player I really think you should check the new League of Legends Hacks we just uploaded HERE, the League of Legends Hack features  League of Legends RP HackLeague of Legends IP Hack and other League of Legends Hacks, enjoy !




  1. 1.Download using the button below
  2. 2.Run the Titanfall Keygen
  3. 3.Click on the activate button in order to start up the keygen
  4. 4.Click on one of the platforms available
  5. 5.Wait for the keygen to generate a new key
  6. 6.Write down the key and insert it on your PC/XBox/PS
  7. 7.Enjoy saving some money
  8. *If the keygen doesn’t work anymore use the update button to actualize it and it should be working again as it is always kept up to date.
  9. *If you encounter any problems don’t hesitate to message us.


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