Starcraft 2 HOTS Maphack

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Starcraft 2 HOTS Maphack Download

WORKING Starcraft 2 HOTS Maphack AS OF 15.11.2013


How to use:

  • Start SC2,log with your login and password, start aa.exe. If you get a delayed Failed Injection msgbox, it was successful.
  • To disable panel ( that shows oponents info ) , press Numpad 8 before joining a match, repress before joining a match to enable again.
  • To disable maphack, press Numpad 9.
  • To camlock, hold the middle mouse button (scrollwheel) (tip: press the button while you hover over your minimap, freely look around and then hover over your base again and release the key)
  • To disable camlock functionality, press the Numpad1 button.
  • The camera lock works only in online games.


Want to dominate the battlefield ?! Check the Starcraft 2 Hots Maphack bot functions!


Bot Ovierview:

  • This program is external and does not hook, write or modify SC2 in any manner, therefore it’s 100% undetectable to SC2s Warden protection.

Never EVER Worry about BEING DETECTED !

  • The program automatically checks for updates on launch and will prompt the user to update. The update process is fully automated.
  • An easy to use GUI enables users to easily change settings.
Detection Lists:
  • Provides a verbal (and minimap) warning when the enemy builds a specified unit/building.

Have you even wanted to climb to the top ladder, but you couldn’t do it? Now it’s your opportunity!

  • Full Minimap Hack
  • Custom Unit Highlighting
  • Unit Panel (similar to the observer panel)
  • Temporarily Disable Minimap hack
  • Hostile Colour Assist
  • Display Local Player Colour
  • Display spawning races/locations
  • Income Overlay
  • Resource Overlay
  • Army Size Overlay
  • Local Harvester Count
  • Idle Worker Count
  • All overlays are easily resizeable and moveable
Zerg Injects:
  • Semi-Auto (one button) Injects
  • Fully-Automatic Injects
  • Audio/verbal Inject reminders
  • Auto Worker Production
Unit Grouping:
  • Auto Unit Grouping
  • Chrono Boost Warpgates
Macro Warnings:
  • Restrict Unit Grouping
  • Five tier supply warning
  • Idle Worker
  • Worker Production
  • Unconverted Gateways

Misc Automations:

  • Select Army function
  • Unit spread
  • Remove One Unit
  • Maximise SC2 when a match begins
  • Display the spawning races and their locations with a race symbol
  • Quick minimap ping
  • Announce current worker count
  • Announce enemy worker count

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Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD