Jetpack Joyride Hack – Unlimited Coins/Gadgets/Clothing Game Cheats

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Jetpack Joyride is an endless runner mobile game. It is supported by all mobile operating systems and you can get it for free. Gameplay is is simple as it gets. You have to stay alive for as long as possible and collect coins to buy upgrades and other items. You are not allowed even one strike. Make one mistake and you are out! Sounds easy doesn’t it? But beware, this game is highly addictive and it’s app store is packed with items you can spend real money on. Be extra careful if you have no intention on spending cash. On the other side, there are far easier ways to get your hands on coins, upgrades, gravity belts and other stuff from buying it.

I’m sure you have heard off tricks like Jetpack Joyride cheats, hacks and glitches. The best thing to do when you need some extra coins to upgrade or buy stuff s to use Jetpack Joyride hack tool. Jetpack Joyride cheats are good too but by the time you find them, they most probably wont work. people tend to use cheats to the bone until it becomes useless. That is why a limited edition Jetpack Joyride hack tool such as this one is a better and much safer option. Limited use of the tool makes sure that it stays working and undetectable. Jetpack Joyride hack you can find here is guaranteed to be undetectable, safe and tested. It doesn’t require jailbreak or root. What it does is generating coins when ever you need them and as much as you need them. Once you get your hands on this tool you’ll never need to buy coins again. Sounds awesome, right? If so, move it and grab your Jetpack Joyride hack tool now!

Jetpack Joyride Hack Features List

Generating Unlimited Coins
Unlocks All Jet Pack, Gadgets and Clothing
Undetectable, Safe and Auto Updated
Works with All mobile OS
No Jailbreak, No Root
Downloads Limit is 500 – still available 29





Jetpack Joyride Hack

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Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD

Jetpack Joyride Cheats – Unlimited Coins, Unlock Everything

Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD

I know many of you have been looking for Jetpack Joyride Cheats because “grinding” coins gets boring at a point and with new items introduced every week, everyone is looking for a Jetpack Joyride Money Cheat that actually works.

Yesterday team RaptoR11 provided us with an awesome Jetpack Joyride Hack, the tool has been tested and it is totally safe, it has multiple cheat options and will allow you to play Jetpack Joyride free without having to spend money or time for each new item that gets added.I know many of you are looking for Jetpack Joyride free cheats and that’s why this hack is free, using the button at the bottom of the page you will be able to download it via a FileFactory link.

Jetpack Joyride Cheats

Jetpack Joyride Hack Preview

Another great thing about this hack is that you won’t have to Jailbreak your phone, replace any files or such things, all you have to do is simply connect the phone to your computer, run the hack and using the simple user interface hack the game, it doesn’t get easier than that, you can then play Jetpack Joyride Games without having to grind coins for every new piece of gear.

Jetpack Joyride Cheats

Another thing some people do is search for the Jetpack Joyride apk or try the Jetpack Joyride hack no root but you don’t need such things with this simple user friendly Jetpack Joyride Hack, this hack has everything you want: Jetpack Joyride Cheats Facebook, Jetpack Joyride Cheats Android and Jetpack Joyride Cheats iOS so it can be used on Android, PC or iPhone and other Apple products.I don’t think you can find a better and more reliable hack than this one and that’s why I uploaded it here.

Jetpack Joyride Cheats

Instructions on using the hack:



  1. 1.Download using the button below
  2. 2.Run the Jetpack Joyride Hack
  3. 3.Select your platform (the browser will be detected automatically)
  4. 4.Click on the detect button
  5. 5.Insert the amount of resources you need
  6. 6.Click the “Activate” button  then wait for the hack to do it’s job.
  7. 7.Enjoy skipping the struggle 
  8. *If the hack doesn’t work anymore use the update button to actualize it and it should be working again as it is always kept up to date.

Remember that this Jetpack Joyride Hack is free for a limited period of time and in order for it to work you need to share it via one of the social networks using the buttons bellow.





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Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD

Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool & Cheats

Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD

Jetpack Joyride Hack – Unlimited Coins, Unlock all Jetpacks, Clothing, Gadgets and more

The Jetpack Joyride is a game that has a similarity with Temple Run, Pitfall IOS, Punch Quest, and Ronin. Actually, this is a nonstop running game in Facebook that can be played by individuals in their iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. This game is made by the team of Halfbrick that makes use of latest and adaptable software. The players of this game will ride on a jetpack that will let them gain numerous coins. They can use these coins in purchasing usable things that they can use in each and every level of the game. But, some of the players in this game are searching for a cheat that will support them in completing the entire mission and collect more coins.

Hack tool for Jetpack Joyride is now available. That is why they will no longer need to search the internet. These tools are made manageable and well updated, allowing players to use it perfectly and receive the latest cheats that they can use in any situation. Jetpack Joyride coins hack android. With the presence of this hack tools, they can buy things and upgrade their vehicle on the stash like Golden Cuddles, Royal Robes, Turbo Boost, Golden Piggy Pack, DJ Barry and a lot more. Aside from that, they can also gain some achievements like veteran, match and mix, marathon, and walkies.
Features of the Tool:

  • Unrestricted hack coins
  • Undetectable
  • Can be used in entire android phones and IOS devices such as iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • Contains automatic version update.
  • Has no jailbreak.
  • Can unlock the entire jet pack, gadgets, and clothing.

These cheat tools are made with easy instructions. That’s why players can use it without having problems and worries. They will also have the assurance that they finish the entire challenges in every level of this game.


Jetpack Joyride Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock all Jetpacks
  • Unlock all Clothing and Gadgets
  • Works with PC, Mac OS, all browsers, all mobile devices(Android  iPhone) and Facebook
  • Automatic check for new updates
  • Tested and 100% working
  • Private Proxy support (100% Undetectable, 100% Safe)

Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool


How to Use Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool:

  1. Download the Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool bellow.
  2. Connect your Android or iOS device to your PC via USB (you must have the game already installed)
  3. Open the hack tool and click Detect Device button.
  4. Select your features and enter their values.
  5. Last one – click the Patch Game button, it will automatically update the game.
  6. Enjoy your hack!


Download Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool, Cheats and Tutorial:


Mirror 1



Mirror 2


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9 May 2014










Jetpack Joyride Hack Proof:

Jetpack Joyride hack proof

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jetpack joyride hack for android and ios no jailbreak

Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD


Join Barry as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. After lift-off, simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend, raining bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers downwards as you fly towards higher and higher scores!

You’ll start off with the legendary Machine Gun Jetpack to scatter the evil scientists, but throughout each game you’ll collect coins and complete missions to earn cash and buy new gear in The Stash! Pick your favorite jetpack, snazzy outfit and stock up on items then get back out there for more action!

Keen reflexes are your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your path. These include lasers, electricity fields and even guided missiles, but thankfully this is a top secret lab – there will be even more goodies to pick up and help Barry along the way. Stay out of harm and you’ll reach massive scores, unlock Achievements and beat your friends on the online leaderboards!

Get a boost of speed and power using the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter, just a selection of the vehicles pickups available – all playable with one touch controls. You can even splash out and upgrade the vehicles with coin magnets or shiny gold plating for that bonus style factor!

Stay alive, get funky and lose yourself in Jetpack Joyride. There’s so much to see and do, all the time in the world and more than enough jetpacks! As always, Barry Steakfries will provide!




File name: Jetpack Joyride Cheat Tool.exe
Operating system: Win7 ,Win 8, Mac, IOS, Android
Recent Version: 5.7
Application Reviewed on: PC & MAC

✔Android and iOS

✔Unlock Everything (New)

Download Now

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