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Republique Cheats –  République is one of a kind game that unites elements of survival horror, action and stealth. The game uncovers the threat of government surveillance in the Age of the Internet.  The story starts when you receive a mysterious call from Hope, the main protagonist, asking for your help. She was trapped inside an oppressive tyrannical state of Republique. Gamers communicate with her by way of computer or phone, in order to help her break out. The gamer hacks the surveillance cameras in the Republique in order to keep an eye on Hope’s whereabouts and actions, and hack into different electronic tools.


The interface that the gamer must utilize is the OMNI View application, which gives players the capability to lock and open doors, distract guard on duty enemies, and acquire data. In some circumstances, the gamer must improve their OMNI View to a higher version in order to access locations that have stronger security. In the Windows versions, gamers can access many surveillance cameras at once.


Republique has a beautiful new environment that pushes iOS systems to its full potential.  It has mind-bending puzzles that feature the Blueprint 3D maps. The second episode is more challenging given that there are more guards and patrols with protective armor that keep you on your toes.  OMNI view is also improved that allows visualization of the area through different walls and routes. Republique is best played on iPad mini, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 mobile gadgets especially with Republique Cheats on hand.


Republique Cheats Download




Cheats Hack Tool DOWNLOAD