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How To Get Free Crystals For Tanki Online

How to use Tanki Online Hack tool

Using Tanki Online Hack is easy and fun. It has several options which are pretty easy to understand. However, we will provide detailed explanation about how to use our tool. After opening it, you should first choose the browser in which you play Tanki online. This is important because every browser has different security procedures and Tanki Online Hack tool has different hacking procedure for each of them. After choosing your browser you should click on “Connect” button on the right and wait until the message “Status: Connected” appears on the screen. Only then you can start selecting Tanki Online Cheats to add to your game. We have two main hacks, one for adding free Crystals and other for setting your desired rank in game. You need to check the box next to hack you want to activate before going on. Then you can proceed to choosing crystals or rank, depending on what you want. Rank can be set to virtually any rank available in the game, and there are 30 of them, starting from lowest recruit, private, and slowly advancing through corporal, sergeant, warrant officer, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, brigadier, general, marshal, and generalissimo as highest rank possible. We just mentioned some of them, but any of the 30 ranks is available to choose in Tanki Online Hack. On the right side of the window are two additional options which can make the functioning of Tanki Online Hack tool more efficient and safer, but at the same time will slow it down by 30% to 50%. Their proper use will be explained later in text. After all options are set, you need to click on “Start” button in lower left corner. Wait for the bar to fill in and message “Hacks successfully applied” before you can click on “Exit” button and start your game.

Additional precautions in Tanki Online Hack tool

There are two additional options in Tanki Online Hack tool which can greatly improve its safety and efficiency at the expense of time needed for hacking procedure. In some cases, however, these options are mandatory. For example, proxy option should be definitely activated if your local internet connection is anywhere in USA, Northern or Western Europe, or south Korea and Japan, because of the better quality and strict security measures of their Internet networks. Anti ban procedure should be activated if you are playing in Chrome or Opera browser because of the enhanced security measures these browsers have. For other browsers this measure is optional, although sometimes you can experience problems in work of Tanki Online Hack tool if you don’t activate this option. You will notice it by progress bar being frozen (not advancing) for longer than 30 seconds. In that case you need to click on “Reset!” button and when the progress bar is clear, again click on “Start” button. If progress bar freezes two consecutive times, that means you should turn on Anti ban and proxy option and try again.

Tanki Online Cheats Tool Download Instructions

If you want to download this tool for free, you need to follow instructions below.

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3. Download Tanki Online Hack Tool and Enjoy in free crystals.

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