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 Alliance Of Valiant Arms Hack

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Alliance of Valiant Arms game

Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack tool will help you to dominate in this awesome free to play first person shooter video game! Alliance of Valiant Arms or short A.V.A. is FPS based on Unreal Engine 3, developed by Red Duck Inc and distributed by different companies in Europe, North America, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Since most powerful weapons in A.V.A. are bought with real money, we hope that our Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack tool will help you to outclass your opponents and dominate in this fantastic game!

How to use Alliance Of Valiant Arms Hack

Using Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack is fairly simple, thanks to easy understandable options and user friendly interface. When you start Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack, first step to do is enter your game username. Next two options to choose are “Use proxy” and mode of connection which can be set to “Safe mode” or “Fast mode”. Both of these options are very important for safe and efficient functioning of Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack. “Use proxy” should be selected if you are playing in Europe or North America. “Fast mode” should be activated if you play in Korea, Japan, China or Taiwan, while “Safe mode” must be used if your account is on North American or European server. Next step is choosing which hacks you want to activate. Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack is actually collection of eight different hacks for use in game. All of them are used in combat and can help you to devastate your opponents using weak and cheap weapons. Aimbot can be used in two modes, one is to automatically keep the opponent in your sights while you shoot, while other is combined Aimbot and Triggerbot which opens fire the same moment you catch someone in your target sights. Wall Hack is famous visibility hack which can remove parts or whole textures from surrounding objects at will, so you can spot enemies anywhere. Even with textures removed, you still cannot shoot through walls, unless they can be damaged or shot through. Unlimited ammo is fantastic when used with Rapid fire and triggerbot. Speed Hack will double your running speed, and Super Jump will double jumping height and reach. No recoil eliminates any swaying or recoil effects of firing weapons, while rapid fire doubles fire rate of all weapons in your possession. Used together with Unlimited Ammo and Aimbot, this hack will devastate any opponent within seconds. Last hack is God Mod. This hack is so powerful we will not describe it in detail, but leave it to you to find out how it feels to be a God on the battlefield! After choosing all desired hacks and activated security options, last step is clicking “Add” button in the left corner. Please wait for the green bar to fill up and message “Desired hacks successfully added to your profile”. After that you can close Alliance of Valiant Arms Hack and start your game, the hacks will be available immediately!

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