TodayTix Expands to San Francisco and Los Angeles


On Tuesday, 29th of September, the founders of TodayTix, Merrit Baer and Brian Fenty, launched a mobile ticket app in San Francisco and Los Angeles. TodayTix, the mobile app for theatre tickets has received a massive and positive response from the residents of New York and London. The mobile app company has big plans for launching their app in other states in the coming years.

The free mobile app which is only available for Android and Apple phones allows users to view several showcased shows a week in advance. It allows the users to select the show of their choice, book a seat and pay for the best price being offered at that time. After booking and paying for the ticket, the user receives a message showing proof of the ticket purchase in just less than a minute. This app allows the users to save time and energy as one can book from the comfort of their living room or office.

TodayTix does it all for you. The app looks for the best ticket prices on your behalf, whether it’s in discount or full price and sells them to you at a very cheap convenience fee of only $ 5. The app is estimated to have around 650,000 users ranging from the age of 12 years to around 35. After booking and paying for the ticket, you can pick it from a TodayTix representative who will be waiting for you outside the theater. They will be wearing a red sweatshirt or T-shirt. You can also just pick it from the Box office stand that are partnering with TodayTix. This service will also cost you a small fee of $ 5.

The TodayTix mobile app has 40 available tickets for Broadway and off-Broadway shows in New York City and 40 West End shows in London. TodayTix accounts for 10% of tickets sales on Broadway and allows the users to participate in ticket lotteries and great deals during previews. The company was the first to inaugurate the first barcode-read mobile tickets in London.

Mr. Fenty was quoted saying, “We have very ambitious growth plans, we really do think that the sky is the limit in terms of where we can take this technology across the country and globally”. TodayTix, which launched in 2013, has found itself with very huge followers. As research shows, most of the Broadway tickets are bought within a week of the performance, and about 47% of people buy their tickets online.