Tricky Test 2 Halloween Answers


Tricky Test 2 is back with brand new levels, and this time they are celebrating the Halloween spirit. The levels are just as tough as the original levels, therefore you’re probably going to get stuck. Fear not though, we’ve got all the Tricky Test 2 Halloween answers and cheats right below.
tricky test 2 halloween answers
The new levels update feature new challenges, icons, and banners. In all you’ll find twenty new levels packed with skeletons, pumpkins, bats and everything else you love about Halloween. In this update you’ll have to do everything from find bats to poke eyeballs. Think you can handle all the spooky challenges?

If you’re stuck on a level, check out all of the Tricky Test 2 Halloween answers and cheats below. However, if you haven’t reached this far into the game yet, check out all of our original Tricky Test 2 answers and cheats here.

Tricky Test 2 Halloween Answers

Check out answers below to see how to beat the level.

Tricky Test 2 Level 81

Q: Steal the candy from Jack.
A: Cover the skeleton’s eye’s with your and tap the candy with another finger.

Tricky Test 2 Level 82

Q: Shake the small pumpkin.
A: Place a thumb or finger on the bigger pumpkin. Hold it down and shake your device. The smaller pumpkin will then get shaken!

Tricky Test 2 Level 83

Q: Quick, put the eyeball back!
A: Place a finger in the eyeball and shake your device.

Tricky Test 2 Level 84

Q: Hold the screen and avoid the ghost for 5 seconds.
A: Do what it says. Do not let the ghost catch you. Run circles around the ghost so it stays close to the center.

Tricky Test 2 Level 85

Q: Help Jack turn on the light bulb.
A: Pull the cable down to reveal another outlet. Plug it into the second outlet.

Tricky Test 2 Level 86

Q: How many skulls are there on the screen?
A: Put together all the halves to create 5 skulls. Then add the skulls you have at the top of the screen. It’s either 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 pending how many lives you have.

Tricky Test 2 Level 87

Q: Which bat is the real bat?
A: Turn your device upside-down. Shake it so the fake bats fall down.

Tricky Test 2 Level 88

Q: Jack’s lost! Help Jack find his home.
A: Open the menu in the upper left corner. Tap the HOME button.

Tricky Test 2 Level 89

Q: Which one is edible (by human)?
A: Drag the umbrella under the poo and make chocolate ice cream.

Tricky Test 2 Level 90

Q: Which toast is thicker?
A: Drag the right one to the left. Choose A as your answer.

Tricky Test 2 Level 91

Q: Press and hold the yellow dot.
A: Press and hold the dot. It will ask you what color it changes to. It’s different every time and hard to peek at it. You can also take a screenshot while holding your finger on the yellow dot and then look at it on a different device.

Tricky Test 2 Level 92

Q: Kill the Mosquito, and don’t get bitten!
A: Do not touch either the mosquito or the zapper. Place a finger in the empty space to the left. This will move the mosquito towards it and the zapper.

Tricky Test 2 Level 93

Q: Enter the title of this stage to continue.
A: Type “the title of this stage” into the text bar. Presss enter and you’re done.

Tricky Test 2 Level 94

Q: Turn on all the lightbulbs on the screen.
A: Slide the right bulb off the device’s screen. Tap the left switch to turn on the remaining bulbs.

Tricky Test 2 Level 95

Q: Complete the equation.
A: Drag the Jelly, Fish, and Jellyfish to the boxes. This will make it say Jelly + Fish = Jellyfish.

Tricky Test 2 Level 96

Q: Wake Rose up again.
A: Open the blinds and wait for the sun to rise. This will wake Rose.

Tricky Test 2 Level 97

Q: Mix the chemicals.
A: Place your finger on the top of the test tube to keep the chemicals so they don’t spill. Then simply shake your device. Mix them like you would any bottle of ingredients.

Tricky Test 2 Level 98

Q: Correct the equation.
A: Turn your device upside down and press SUBMIT. When upside-down, the equation will say 11 = 9 + 2.

Tricky Test 2 Level 99

Q: Arrange the lights.
A: Arrange them in alphabetical order. It will go: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow.

Tricky Test 2 Level 100

100: Tap number from high to low.
A: The order goes as follows: 23212, 3104, your IQ in the upper right corner, -219,