Wildcard Offers New News Aggregate App


Wildcard has introduced a new News-Reading application for the mobile phone. News reading has recently become one of the many activities done on mobile phones besides the usual activities such as taking photos, sending messages and checking the weather among other things. News reading has become so popular that even the Apple company has ventured into introducing its very own news app which is expected to debut in the fall with no notable competition except Wildcard, another news app which has now become a serious contender in this sector.

The Wildcard app has a unique look and feel that synchronizes articles, videos and photos about the most significant stories and other important subjects on a daily business. The app is an improvement on an older version of Wildcard which was introduced last summer and hence it is not entirely brand new. When the app was first introduced, it was focused on creating a new browser for the current mobile age which relied heavily on the card format. The newer version has a design better design pattern that is becoming very popular as a better way to showcase videos, photos and other cool stuff on the devices with significantly smaller screens.

The app was initially meant to be a proof of concept as stated by Wildcard CEO, Jordan Cooper, who also happens to be a partner at Lerer Ventures. The app team intended to determine the most suitable way to showcase web content that is relevant to the consumers and see their responses to applications that use a card-style format. A few months ago, the Wildcards team embarked on creating the next improved version of the app which would focus on news consumption as opposed to the previous one which was mainly about browsing. The new app gives its users a news reading experience like no other. The consumers are able to combine sources from many publishers and organizing them according to the news a specific news story.

The app sources its news items from blogs, newspapers and also other smaller news sites. The app also sources its media from sites like YouTube and the like. Wildcard is however not entirely keen on using an editorial team to summarize the news into smaller chunks but instead curates the large selection of news stories and presents them to the consumers. The Wildcard’s curator’s job is not to tell its consumers the story to read but to filter out any unnecessary items and noise. The stories are organized and ranked in terms of their importance.